Wingo Airlines

Wingo Airlines is a low-cost airline that offers cheap flights to Colombia and Latin America. But cheap does not mean low quality. Wingo Airlines also provides excellent in-flight facilities to make your travel experience comfortable and enjoyable. Here are some of the in-flight facilities that you can expect from Wingo Airlines:

Seat selection: You can choose your preferred seat when you book your ticket online or through the mobile app. You can also change your seat up to 3 hours before the departure time. Wingo Airlines offers different seat options, such as standard seats, extra legroom seats, and front row seats. The prices vary depending on the seat type and the route. You can also reserve a seat next to an empty one for more space and privacy.

In-flight entertainment: You can enjoy a variety of entertainment options on board Wingo Airlines. You can access the Wingo TV channel, which offers movies, series, documentaries, music, and games. You can also connect to the Wingo WiFi service, which allows you to browse the web, check your email, and use your social media apps. The WiFi service is available for a fee, and you can purchase it online or on board. You can also bring your own device and use the USB ports to charge it.

In-flight service: You can order food and drinks from the Wingo menu, which offers a selection of snacks, sandwiches, salads, desserts, and beverages. You can also buy duty-free products, such as perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry, and accessories. You can pay with cash or credit card. Wingo Airlines also provides complimentary water and magazines to all passengers. If you have any special needs or requests, you can contact the friendly and helpful crew members, who will assist you as much as possible.

In-flight safety: Wingo Airlines follows the highest standards of safety and hygiene on board. All the aircraft are equipped with advanced technology and undergo regular maintenance and inspections. All the crew members are trained and certified to handle any emergency situation. Wingo Airlines also complies with the health protocols and guidelines issued by the authorities and the World Health Organization. All the passengers and crew members are required to wear masks and use hand sanitizer. The aircraft are also cleaned and disinfected before and after each flight.

Wingo Airlines is more than just a low-cost airline. It is also a high-quality airline that offers great in-flight facilities to make your journey pleasant and memorable. Book your ticket now and fly well at low prices with Wingo Airlines.


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